Glory Fusion “Good Luck Pot”

It was a very nice evening, cozy but charming. The dinner made by the Belgian Chef Kevin was delicious as usual; Carrot Soup served first and a choice between Bourguignon Beef or Bouillabaise after. Dessert and coffee; all excellent. The variety of drinks at Glory Fusion is legendary in our small community; so we had plenty of choice of wines, beers, or liquors.

The real aim wasn’t to really raise money; tho we did. The gathering was more a ‘family’ reunion with close friends and those who wanted to have a drink and wishing me luck before July 3rd take-off.

Attendants List: Bénédicte Lin, Benoit Massé, Bernard  Berger, Bruce Deng, Claire Glorieux, Jean Pignon, Jeff Yang, Mikalina Jurgelevicius, Nathan, Philip Chan, Ray and an anonymous kind couple who join us during the event.

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