Day 2 – Tests Day

DAY 2, July 4th

I was awake around 6:30 as usual but tried to stay focus on what I’ll have to tell or ask. I was put on bed the Monday with interdiction to eat or drink after 00:00 for blood tests and urine / feces collection. Thus I waited; but right after 7:20 a nurse arrived and draw an handful of tubes for diverse testing or analysis. I get 2 IV in the morning and was given 1 of them right after that. It is a small one and lasted about 20 minutes only.

An abdomen echography was scheduled at 9:30 and lasted roughly half an hour. As I can tell they looked liver, kidneys, bladder..? And perhaps more.

I had right after that an MRI to rescan my spinal cord which wasn’t detailed enough on the scans fro TaiDa Taiwan.

Unfortunately; Mikalina was not permitted to get in exam rooms and anyway pictures are strictly forbidden in those areas. But except the frequency at which the exams/procedures  are performed; it all looks like any MRI, echography and tests rooms…

I could at last have a coffee and small cake at 11:00 and after that go to the rehab/physical therapy (PT) room. For the past 12 years I have stayed days after days in my wheelchair and thus my legs are completely atrophied. Tendons, mucles, bones, joints… Each square centimeter that the expert touch is in pain, I wish we were 12:30 already 😀

Afternoon went slower, Acupuncture, another PT session (softer) and much talks with the doctors, telling again and again the story for each specialist I have seen.

Mikalina was able to go to the supermarket in the afternoon and brought the dinner along few things we didn’t bring with us.

After 5:30PM; we went for a walk but stayed in the hospital premises not to alarm the nurses…

Another point is that the caregiver that will help us 12 hours a day has been introduced to us. A sturdy guy; not particularly skilled either, but willing; that doesn’t speak 3 words of English. That still OK; people of good will do not care much about that. Mikalina’s Chinese is perfect so all is fine.

We went to bed early; I have been exhausted by all the PT and all the beds/wheelchair transfers. I have bruises everywhere; but I do not complain; everybody does his best.

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