Day 3 – Partial Results

The 3rd day was not a significant day. As usual I got my 2 IVs in the morning, Acupuncture at 14:30 and physical therapy the remaining time. Nothing special to notice; except many Doctors visit and the visit of the Neurologist in charge of my case.

She explained the partial results (some analysis seems to need more time). re-confirm the upper spinal cord plaques, insignificant spots in the brain and no any active inflammation for now; which confirm my thought that the MS is dormant for now and has been since few years.

What puzzles them is the degree at which I am disabled regarding the amount of injuries seen as plaques. According to them I should be in better shape. Another possibility is that the previous inflammations were very aggressive and made significant damages at that time and only partially healed. We probably will never know.

I’ve got a chronic UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) which is due to my long use of catheters and an hyper-thyroidism probably due to the use of medications such as Prednisone or other anti-inflammatory.

Tomorrow I will get the first stem cells transplant via a needle in the spinal cord. I am ready and I feel in capable hands.

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