Day 4 – First MSCT

Morning was as usual; except I had to miss the PT session of 11:30 because it is my first MSCT.

It is very short and very long… Procedure to inject the stem cells lasted roughly 20 minutes; they picked me in the room at 11:00 and I was brought back a bit before 11:30.
Now the long part is that I have to stay supine completely horizontal for 6 hours…

They transfered me from my bed to a litter and we went to the Operating Room. No one else is admitted and pictures are strictly forbidden, so I can’t tell much of the equipments and of the way they proceeded. As for me; I had to bend forward, knees to chin (well; toward the chin). I just felt a subtle sting in the middle of my back for the local anesthesia and the rest was entirely sensation-less. Back to the room I watched the ceiling until 18:00 and then gradually sit back. I had the acupuncture session tho since it can be done either sitting or laying down.

I felt absolutely nothing like headache, nausea or other inconvenience already reported by other patients. As a side note; they said it could be different each time so I just consider this one ‘lucky’.

Just a 20 minutes walk later the evening; we ordered some Korean food which was pretty good from a small restaurant in the neighborhood.

And bed early 20:00 because our caregiver has to go home and to put me in it before. I try then to communicate but my handling of a mobile in the bed tend to force me reading e-books instead. When Mikalina call it a day; she turns off the lights and I rest in Morpheus’ arms quickly…

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