Day 8 – Back to Earth

Monday. For the morning schedule; if you are not following it is exactly the same since day 2.

  1. 6:30 Wake up
  2. 7:15 Cleaning Lady pass
  3. 7:20 Mikalina wakes up
  4. 7:40~7:55 Mr Yang (caregiver) arrive
  5. 8:00 Coffee and Breakfast
  6. 8:30 1st part of IV (with 60mg Gangliosides)
  7. 9:30 2nd part of IV (with 10ml Dang Shen Chuan Xiong – for whatever it is)
  8. 10:30 Break and a snack (sniker, chocolate bar, doritos, ham salami…)
  9. 11:30 – 13:00 Physical therapy

The caregiver come back after his lunch at ~14:15.
Afternoon schedule is a bit laxer as to know:

  1. 14:30~15:30 Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine
  2. 16:00~17:00 Physical therapy
  3. 17:00 meeying with Doctor(s)
  4. 17:30 meeting with Nurses at their Shift changing

It may vary a bit but ‘normal day (as Today) are like that.

I also received the dates of the next 4 Stem Cells shots: 11th (Intravenous), 12th (Lumbar Puncture), 18th (Intravenous), 19th (Lumbar Puncture). Therefore Tomorrow will be the first IV with Mesenchymal Stem Cells of another type).

I must also precise that the morning IVs are seasoned with Glucose and Sodium Chlorate (saline water).

After 18:00 we usually take a walk outside the building, having a Coke or Coffee, then back to the room where I try to keep up with messages and blog. Meanwhile Mikalina prepare or go to fetch our dinner and before 20:00 I have to be put in bed because Mr.Yang leaves.

I also try to massage and exercice my arm, legs, joints at each opportunity because the most work is there I am convinced.

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