Day 9 – MSCT through IV

The Morning schedule has been chopped at the break part…

10:30 I was shown the tube with Stem Cells; I was given an introductory perfusion of saline water followed by the mentioned MSC. 3 minutes later a following and tube cleaning of saline water was fed.

I was then temperature/blood pressure/heart beat taken and allowed to attend my PT session under the condition that I will alert immediately the nurses if I feel any uncomfortable or else.

It all went smoothe and even I dare to only have water ’til the dinner I am pretty sure I could have eaten something.

Doctor He (one of the neurologist explained to me the different types and cultures of stem cells and their role by migrating in place of action but you will forgive me if I can not really recall all that; and also dont want to give false information.

As it is Tuesday, Mikalina was able to go to the supermarket and bought us food for the week; as well as few more needed accessories.

She made us a steak pepper garlic. Succulent – and I gulped a full cup of white grape, much better than what I use in Taipei. The food is incredibly cheap if you can stay out of hi-quoted restaurants or delicatessen shops. I will try to make a post of the living cost here.

Tomorrow; second MSCT via Lumbar Puncture; I feel lucky that I do have side effects until now…

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