Day 10 – 2nd Lumbar MSCT Transplant

Lumbar MSCT

I am not sure it is on purpose that I get this after the MSCT by IV of yesterday but I prefer to think they must have a reason. My question was left without answer but I am not sure they understood or wonder why the heck it would be of interest to me…

Fact is: this time I negotiated a late injection in order to be able to have my PT of 11:00 in the morning. They moan a bit (for their lunch time I guess) but I really am desperate to regain strength and my best hope is that morning session with the tormentor of the morning PT’s session.

Since they already flex my way I kept the advantage and pushed to have  pictures of the procedure but they back off and only allow 1 taken by themselves and handed to me… Well; I will push again at the first opportunity.

This time was a bit more felt (not really pain) than the first one. The procedure lasted roughly the same amount of time – plus the picture taking – and was headed back to the room… Lay down for 6 hours and watch the ceiling while nurses come regularly to take records to populate their data charts.

It lasted until 19:00 and since our caregiver have to leave before 20:00 I stayed in bed; had dinner in bed.

Mikalina prepared a bolognese sauce that we ate with butterfly noodles. I could set the table to type few lines before bed but my knees are very painful in that position…

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