Day 11 – The Bad Day

I suppose every journey has its bad moment. My bad day was Today (I hope there wont be any other similar or even worse) so get through it.

I woke up normally; nothing abnormal nor any complain I could make. I had the usual; coffee, IVs Cocktails.
The first bad news arrived: PT Doctors have talked to Osteopath Doctor and Neurologists and arrived to the conclusion at mid-term that there is very little chance they can re-align my knees; legs and feet within the allocated 3 weeks; it would need much more time and efforts; unless a miracle. The other option is surgery on both knees to reduce the encumbering growth of cartilage and possibly bones. It is difficult to judge without an XRay but we cant do that as there is a risk the rays might kill the stem cells freshly injected.

Furthermore; surgery would certainly cost quite an amount of money that I suppose would far out-weight my allocation. Thus; head to the PT and pray…

…and we went to the Morning Physical Therapy session.

It is after that session that I got a beginning of headache. Not too strong yet; but persistent in plain middle of the head. I suspected the day before lumbar puncture but needed more time to assert that.

The TCM Acupuncture session went through and it was still acceptable. I was about to call the nurses but finally decided not to and went to take some fresh air instead before going to the afternoon PT session.

I went to the PT session and there it hit like a truck… I finished with a massive headache and the first thing I did when it finishes was to ask to be put in bed; call the nurses and the Doctor.

Doctor He confirmed that the PTs sessions must be at the origins; too hard too soon after the lumbar injection.

Result was one more huge IV with Sodium Chloride Glucose and a dose of pain killers. And I had to stay in bed the remaining of the day…

Not much fun but I had a great dinner made by Mikalina; my Angel… and went to bed early

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