Day 12 – Second Friday

The 14th of July: “Allons Enfants  de la Patrie!” – French National Day. As a native French speaker and being born 1 hour from the French border; those are dates I can’t miss.

Another reason I won’t forget for a while is the persistence of the headache that already occupied all my attention yesterday Thursday. I woke up ok; but a bit battled by yesterday evening.

Nevertheless; because I was awake and wanted to have my day as well as I could; I used the darn same protocol and decided that I’ll sit in the wheelchair instead of staying in the bed not really knowing if the headache will restart; since it is triggered by me raising my head.

Breakfast, IVs were ok, but not brilliants. First PT session was hard; painful and I don’t know if it is related and apparently no one know for sure. I went back to bed because I really wanted to get over that headache as we wanted to go to visit more thoroughly the Summer Palace tomorrow Saturday. It still close to here and this time we persuaded the caregiver to come and help.

Acupuncture, and afternoon session of PT; again harder, I am a bit pissed since I follow all predicaments of the Doctors and Nurses and it does not really pay. We met a Russian Gentleman who came also to be Stemcelled’ but my Russian being as poor as his English; we made acquaintance via an Armenian in Chinese hahahaha – Don’t try to follow; I’m lost myself…

So in bed early, lots of water, pain killers, sleep early. I must be OK for the week-end! We want to see the Great Wall too; it is very close (75Kms) and the van/bus is really a delight, cumfort and price and facility.

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