Day 16 – IVs SC Part 2

Today  forecast IS the second IV Stem Cells Transplant. First one went smoothly; but I dare not to rejoice too early: first lumbar Transplant went well too; the second one hurt…

Early morning; eyes open at 5:00… Could not sleep anymore. I tried to ‘meditate’ (or what I think it is), listening to my train of thoughts and trying to analyze this one or that one from another angle… “What would my Wife think… What would my Mother like? My Daughter want?… Etc… Etc…”. I might even fallen half-asleep again because I was surprised when I heard the cleaning Lady “Ayi” knocking so gently on the door…

Breakfast, and then cream on my rash (already better) and shaking my head to see if any remnants of headache… Seems none of it – Good! But I’ll stay supine for as long as I can because I can not miss any PT for the rest of my stay. Already that the Wednesday session will be discarded due to the lumbar last transplant of SC; so let’s try to stay on track.

My good Ladies arrived with my feed of morning IVs. This time I got what is really inside:

Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae (Dan Shen)
Szechwan Lovage Rhizome (Chuan Xiong)

All that mixed with Glutamate or Sodium Chloride depending the mood of the chef.

On that subject of this TCM add-up; I found in some searches that I should be careful of abnormal bruising ~and I have ~ quite a few~ so let’s hope for the good part; SC are flowing around :P, do not disturb them…

Right after I went to  PT and gave again most of it.

Then the Stem Cells IV arrived. It is said (by the Doc) that they are not sure at what exact time they arrive here and as they are unpacked they must be in the blood stream within 30 minutes. Ok with me; let them do their turf, and the cows will be well guarded …

The Doctor did her thing; same procedure; Saline Water, Again with SC mixed; then again to wash out the tubes.

Then I went to PT. I worked as hard as I could; I swatted again a lot. back to the room and am hungry again. Half pack Doritos, a piece of celery, lots of bacon eggs sausages… Appetite is growing with all that physical exercises….

Back to the bed waiting for my favorite vogelpiks champion. He used the same spots; but none were painful this time..? I wont complain.

I rested again (fear of headache) until afternoon session of PT. Again; harder; my knees are going to straight up or burst; I swear.

The Doctor in Charge; Glory He, passed by and told me that Thursday morning I will get a blood analysis to statute on my hormonal panel. I am really puzzled; they would give me energy to fly back to Taipei; but not for performing my PT. Strange world; like I have the choice between being here or not. I guess medical peeps are living outside of basic realities like patients would need visa, work, money, food, … and just be there to cure.

Anyway: I hate a great steak made by Mikalina. The Tuesday she is able to go to the Carrefour make her shopping. She did not buy much because we gotta leave on Sunday and we still have few things left.

She ordered Sushis, anyway, because she wanted them so much. What a pack: portion of 4; price of 1; presentation as a gift pack… I will be surprised eveyday here…



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