Day 17 – Last Lumbar Shot

It is now routine waking, breakfast, IVs and so on. It does not vary much; even the solid food menu; as we have to keep it convenient and economical. So eggs, ham/bacon bread… Just the quantities have changed considerably; I am hungry with all the exercises made.


(I also have to admit that their bread is succulent; last time I ate such good one was in Belgium – I never found really good bread in Taiwan)


Anyway; enough about food: the time of the transplant should be around 11:00. As we thought; the PT sessions Today will be missed. The operating room nurses come with their bed; switch me from mine and carry me all the way to the OR. Doctor He is waiting there for me.

Nobody is allowed in tht room and my phone was discovered before I could smuggle it inside… Too bad; I wanted to at least record their conversation but well… I guess I will never know what they were talking about (probably Yesterday evening soap opera episode but who knows?).

I felt a bit more pain yet this time at the site of the injection; deep inside. Not a screaming pain, but it makes you wonder if it will grow stronger or not…

I am curious; and the two previous injections I noticed that whatever the way I come in the OR the nurses always orient me that I have to turn on my left side to get the injection. I tried to figure out why but could not fathom any anatomically logic explanation. Therefore I had to ask the Doctor. She obliged and enlighten me: it is simply because she is right-handed and the angle at which she insert the needle is more readily atteinable if I lay on my left side.
Another mystery crumbles.

All was fast again, back in my room before 11:30. On the road for a 6 hours surfing the bed flat on my back; no head rest allowed.

Since I had a bad headache last time; I am prescribed truckloads of IVs with water, lactose and whatever else they just poured inside and that I do not need to know. So my favorite ceiling will be my landscape until ~18:00. I got my acupuncture treatment as usual.

Nothing unusual happened, I gradually raised my head starting at 18:00 but very carefully; I do not want to waste my last 2 days of intense PT.

The clysters’ Master got me too; since I push back as long as I could but that now I am in bed I can’t longer refrain her sens of professionalism. I am all set and ready for dinner; rest and sleep.

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  1. “(I also have to admit that their bread is succulent; last time I ate such good one was in Belgium – I never found really good bread in Taiwan)”

    OK, thank you!

    1. I did not “find” your bread; you offered it to me 😛 What I really meant is “regular shops around corners where you can buy your bread”. Not convenient to drive to Sanxia for a loaf of bread…

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