Day 18 – Last Run!

I am glad to report that I woke up without any trace of headache… But: I stayed in the bed to prevent any mishap. The PT session shall tell me if I’m ok I think. On a side note; the rash that seemed to fade away is tormenting me again, back with a vengeance, itchier than before.
The caregiver paint me in the balm given by the nurses and it cool down the itching that I can go on with my morning schedule; as usual.

Again I tried to give more than I believe I could. I am soaked and breathless; still have no idea if I made any progress… They never tell you; they’re always evasive and gives very little signs of contentment or dissatisfaction.

I suppose at the discharge I will have a kind of report – that I’d like to have – from the PT Dpt.

I went back to bed; headache menace still soaring upon me. I just cant leave here with that kind of pain; it is really knocking me down.

Rest of the day went as usual; acupuncture; 6 needles in each arm, 6 on the belly, 4 in the forefront of my head. He also shoot 6 in each leg that he discard immediately.

Second afternoon PT; forcing, I think my knees bend better, but still have no point of reference so I will have to rely on what other will tell me when they see me after 3 weeks.

Mikalina fixed us a great pastas Bolognese and we feast on it 😛

Bed early again; I am tired and Mikalina would like to leave early to try to go by herself to the “Forbidden City” and thus the “Tiananmen Square”.

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