Day 19 – Last Full Day

*** This Post will be amended later ***

And that will be the last Friday spent here  for this session. I know Saturday will be half day with little interventions and Sunday is the day we leave, in the afternoon.

My sentiments are mixed. I feel the procedure went well but that it would require many weeks more. Possibly not the IVs, SCT but the physical therapy. Darn I am so crippled on that part. So many years confined folded in the wheelchair.  Doctors agree with me on the PT part; it need much more work.

Early up;
Mikalina want to go to the Forbidden City by herself and is gonna leave about 9:00. Breakfast, she prepare her pack and there she went. She’ll be back late afternoon after 5:00PM. I am annoyed I cant accompany her but we know already it is near impossible to get there by w/Chair.

IVs, PT. I feel crushed by a truck… I get a bar of Snickers for noon and drink plenty of water. The rash that stick to my skin receded a bit and it is good news; It is not comfortable to travel when half you body is itching that bad.

Acupuncture, PT again, I try my best. The day went very fast; Doctor passed by and I got my bill/invoicing account status – call it the way you want… It is plain wrong. First bad move of their part; all is wrong. Total amount is close to what I expected but the discount promise and the refund of my visa are omitted “but included” they said…. “no…” I don’t agree; took the part they tell me I’m owned but I’ll have to see the person who sold me the deal. I have all in written by email they cant possibly refute. It is not the principle: it is the money! I can’t afford to waste any because what I save now will be paying for the deal with a PT in Taiwan. I don’t want to argue with the cashier nor with the coordinator; they’re not aware of the deal and they just do as they are told; I wanna see their Sales. Too late; we’ll see…

Mikalina came back; she loved it. She shoot hundreds of pics. We ate the rests that accumulated somehow in the fridge; it is succulent ad it would be stupid to leave that to the trash bin.

I watch the pictures of the Forbidden City… I really missed something…

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