Day 20 – Let’s Pack

This is the third Saturday and I can get a pattern when I see one. We’ll have the (last set of) IVs, the Last “Target of Vogelpiks” game, and probably visits of Doctors,  nurses, assistants name them…

The PT on Saturdays is substitute by their “hyperbaric suite” but this time it felt weak. Possibly me, I’m not sure; the pressure seems correct. It is not a pleasant exercise for me; it gives huge spasm in the feet/legs and after one hour; I’m glad to hear the timer stop.

The Doctor passed by just after lunch; gave me a file, medicines, instructions, papers etc… So many meds; two months… The TCM Doctor also passed by with his recommendations; a map for “point and shoot” the tiny darts and a chit chat.
All went very well; according to them. The SC have now to find their spot; grow hopefully and regenerate some nervous parts damaged by the disease. It sometimes take up to six months to feel something has improved and since I feel good (rash aside) they feel I am a good candidate.
Their major concern (and mine) is the pitous state of my bones carpentry, calcification in the joints and probably cartilages grows.
Only future can tell, thus let’s see.

I’m not freaking about the timing; but I wanted to start packing. The biggest worry we have is “space” We got so many stuff; tons of medicines, pack of this and that that I have no idea if our two pieces of luggage will be enough. Mikalina work efficiently on this; she has been an incredible asset for me during the journey; and once again she prove it. Although she has to sit firmly on the cover of the largest piece; she got it closed and leave only few thiings we’ll need for tonight and tomorrow. The van/bus will arrive at 4:00Pm for bringing us to the airport.

Cathy (our coordinator) have been such an help that we invited her tonight; at a restaurant close to the hospital. We’ll get there at 17:30 and will have a chat and a dinner; I know it will be good.

And it was. We talked until 19:30; China, Beijing, future, her vacations in Barcelona and Madrid; Cathy and Mikalina are good friends; I enjoy watching them talking about their concerns, ideas, like and dislike…
We back to the room; hugs; a tear and waved goodbye; of course we’ll write to you…


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