Day 21 – Back Home

I slept well; my rash left me alone and I am quite glad for that. To my surprise there was still a session of hyperbaric legs suite that I received shortly after the breakfast. It went ok; but I shut it off 10′ earlier; I wasn’t really in the mood.

Because any intestinal issue could occur; I asked the nurses to empty my bowels before lunch. I do not want to feel uncomfortable during that trip; or even have to have to ask for the flight attendants to help me going to the restrooms. I also changed the urine catheter that all is clean and ready. At 1:00PM I was set. I ate the last bowl of Bolognese pastas that Mikalina kept for me; microwaved.

We chit chat with nurses, goodbye, a tear here and there, of course we’ll write to you.

16:00 -> Ms.Ata the current coordinator arrived. She gave back our deposit for the room and it is there I shot my “The invoicing is wrong”. Despair in her eyes; don’t understand blahblah they paid all Friday and of course she knows. I keep my “No” and told her it is not the right time nor the right place to discuss that. I knew anyway I would not have the upper hand in there; I need all my tools at home to constitue a dossier with my claim. But she had to know I was going to attack their bill. The sales person shall respect her deal; otherwise the game is rigged. When I pay a pack of fag at the store; they do not charge differently than the displayed price; I just expect ‘that’. And I will harass them until I get satisfaction.

We left in the bus/van, good byes, hugs, a tear; of course we will write. The trip to the airport lasted an hour. Traffic was not really ‘fluid’ but not really ‘jammed’. Mrs.Ata led us throughout the airport. It is so big. Everything is big in China; everything is too big; huge.
The China Airlines’ counter is already open for our flight: CI518, take off at 20:00. We queue for a while in there when finally between the people I see the “handicap” sign; well blue on white at a lonely counter. I make the Ladies aware of that and finally Mrs.Ata decide to go to that counter to ask… Of course! The sign… (Ladies… Ladies….). So we exited the queue, and went for a quick check in. They call the airport service to carry me around and drive me through every doors to the seat n the plane. We were early and asked if we could browse the duty-free shops. unfortunately; te gentle Lady sent by the airport service; although well constituted; would never be able to trans-board me. We then went with my own W/C well labelled and walk to the departure gates, taking athe same tramway than when we arrived and were told at the entrance of the duty-free just to make sure to make it to door E12 before 19:15.

Window-shopping is not a sport that I particularly affectionate when my pockets are near dried. Therefore we quickly went to E12 gate and Mikalina went back by herself to get us a coffee; and a KFC  light meal for her as she was really hungry.
As it happen sometimes; we had to switch from E12 to E14 to board in but it was pretty flawless. The thing is that they always over-estimate the strength of the helper to put me in the strap-chair for  plane corridors. It hurt. It always hurt; so let’s get on with it.

Seat-belted and in the dark we took off on time. As on our way to Beijing; the personnel of China Airlines have been fantastic. Helping us personally and giving me more pillows than a  Nabab would need in his trolley. Great flight; good food; good peoples. We obviously had to circle about 20 minutes before landing but we made it on time.

Taipei Airport must remember me because this time a huge strong guy came to pick me p at my seat; taking me to the luggage claim area as if I had been a 2 years old. Very good; efficient.

We went throughout all formalities as when we left; diplomatic passages and quickly we were waiting for a taxi outside.

I was very glad to see my wife and my bro-in-law waiting for us and helping to get the van/bus to our place.

We would arrive at 1:20 in the morning and went to bed about 3:00AM – I will sleep well I guess…

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