It is NOT laziness

Two days on a rash rush.

That darn rash that fortunately left me alone for the trip back came stronger than ever Monday evening… And it is almost untenable- I, from far rather feel pain than itching rashes… I have to inform Dr.He about this.

It is important to note that since I am back in Taiwan, I have lost some of the improvements gained during those 3 weeks. I am not utterly worried about it since I’ve red in many  blogs there is often a fall in gains before all come again. Explanations?

  • Change of weather from dry to wet
  • Change of meds
  • My allergy and the added meds taken for it
  • The nocebo effect
  • All of the above
  • None of the above

It is important for me now to find ASAP a physical therapist that can at least maintain my current muscles-skeletton structure. If I plunge back in the old habits it will just be like before. I must resume that within August or I take  first flight in September to go to Belgium.

I don’t want to exaggerate but I cannot go out like this: I mean, come on Folks; I am covered in what looks like bubons all over my arms and neck. Everybody will run away seeing me and I’ll be incarcerated by the Taiwanese CDC in less than 20 minutes… Quarantine is very strict on an island. If you want pictures I can send to you by private messages but otherwise I’d not even dare to show that on the internet; stuck between a kitten pic and the volubility of Paris Hilton…

I have seen a specialist here in Taiwan Wednesday; been examined, IV’ed; got creams and pills; emptied of 30cc blood and will get the results on Thursday August 3rd… We’ll scratch that together.

Right now; the word is regroup. I know now that this journey was just the beginning…

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