And this Rash…

I finally have an answer to my rash. Not that it help getting rid off it but it makes you feel better to know your enemy…

The culprit has a name: Herpes Zoster; better known as Varicella Zoster Virus et even more as “Chicken Pox“. After some research; Bernard came with the same diagnostic on his side. Together we can assume that this virus was awaken while they were playing with my immune system.

Because: when you get Varicella (normally a young age) you never kill the virus completely; you’ve got it for life man! Companion to the tomb. It just go dormant and would not normally bother you except in case of acute immune system crisis or under high stress or fatigue.

Anyway; no worries then. It probably just show up and will be gone soon. I have been given Valtrax (a variant of Acyclovir) anti-virus; ointment for my skin and another pill to cool down the itching.


But for that episode; That’s all Folks!

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