The Samba of Physical Therapists

I believe my rash is to be put in a ‘not pleasant side/after-effect’ of my MSCT  Somehow my immune system was asleep during the whole procedure and some nasty virus (in our case Herpes) jumped on the opportunity to gain some terrain. When I went out; the now full featured bastion of my self organism defense showed off all his weapons of mass sanitation… Whereas the blisters, red rash etc… OK; next – Now I am not that scare of getting out and I have to find a physical therapist illico-presto here in Taiwan, or I’m gonna lose the little gains I got at Beijing.

First run at Xindian hospital; the one closer to me. No physical therapist consultation; never mind have to go to Taida (gigantic big hospital univesity) anyway Tuesday.

Taida then. I find my way to the PT area; fortunately Bénédicte had free time and accompanied me. I went to the counter and check; darn; Doctor Wang (who already saw me a while ago an the subject of Botox injections) is not showing Tuesday anymore.
Ok; let’s visit any other God Doctor that ~just~ have to prescribe me few hours of PT a week. Bénédicte went to the first door and the poor fella consulting over there ask us to kindly go to the next one who has no much customers this day… Waiting an opportunity to ask for a number and that Doctor told us he needs a referee… Back to starting blocs; Dr.Wang was referred to me; she’s not there Today and it is urgent and… No…

Back to the counter: when is Dr.Wang giving consultation? Friday morning; but she is only seeing people tht she agrees to see??? Wooat? I don’t really get this one; I’ll see Friday. I suppose they meant that only by referee she will consult; the neurologist D.Yang sent me to her before so I guess she will remember me?

I’ll also fire another blind shot at Xindian Hospital since I have to be there Thursday morning for my dying Herpes. Probably pretty rare that a dermatologist refer a patient to physical therapy but hey; who said I cant try…

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