Physical Therapy: at last

As it was planned I went to visit Dr.Wang, the PT that saw me a while ago when I was trying to get Botox injected in my legs’ muscles to stop stiffness and spasms. I never got the Botox injections (too expensive and somewhat useless – Dr. said) but she recall me being sent by Dr.Yang the neurologist who is in charge of my case since almost forever.

Now I know why she select the patients there to see her… She resigned to open her own clinic. Parenthesis open here – It is a particularly brave move regarding the actual economy situation. Knowing also that working at Taida Hospital is a Government position, she give up certainty and risking something; a bold move and I wish the best to her in her new endeavor. I will certainly visit her new clinic if it has recognition of the national Health Insurance – Closing parenthesis goes here.

As she already is not really part of this system anymore; she gladly and joyfully sign me for a twice a week physical therapy starting next week… I have been blessed by luck; keep the inertial movement and go for something…

At the end of the month sessions I will have to re-visit another PT and I hope he will renew the deal. Now, for good measure; I will have to move closer to an MRT station because financially I will never keep up with the special bus fees to transport me to and from Taida Hospital, and my apartment in a remote area. There are few, but prices are on the ceiling for now and I will have to rely on luck (and many friends) to find a deal similar to what I have here.

But I can at least try…

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