Physical Therapy: First Steps

Hehehe, I meant “First Steps moving toward my first steps”

Here we go. First appointment with the Taiwan Taida’s Hospital gang of physical therapist.

First things first; they evaluate me, manipulate me; fold my arms and legs in non imaginable positions and talk to each others with strange look. But hey; Physical Therapist will always guess the worse and trying the best; so let’s put what’s left of my body between their expert hands (and ropes and pulleys and I-dont-even-know what to call that). I swat a lot, but with this weather is not really an exploit.

Apparently they focused on my left leg this afternoon; laying on my right side; leg lifted by ropes and pulleys, and “kick” and lift and repeat as you are breathless… I wish they had some theme variation; or at least some rhythmicmusic to cadence my efforts… And then “see you next week” after letting me know that they will prepare a program for me as now they have seen me… Well; thanks.

Phase 2: Occupational therapy (for what it means). The bright young man candidly ask me “What can I help you with?” and seemed embarrased when I answered that I want to qualify for the quarter final at the next Olympic’s 1,500 meters. Beuh… Don’t ask, right? More reasonably; I asked him if he cant do for the Olympics, maybe he could teach me how I could be independent for basic tasks; as to know waking up; transfer bed/wheelchair/bed, toilets, feed myself and so on.. His face rejoice and I believe he will try. Always aim high; then recess and they will try; even if it is almost as in-achievable as the first shot…

But honestly too early to make any comment. I wasted 2 weeks for the rah and almost 10 days to get appointments with PT.

It is a month I am out of PuHua and I am still not as I was when I left… Why?

Few reasons popped in my mind:

  • The daily IV I had was mixed with some “tonic” components.
  • The weather is too darn humid here.
  • The rash I got burned down much energy.
  • It was all a scam

I doubt for the scam; I saw people there with significant progress after 10 days… I tend more to believe the first option; but I’d love to know what it was… Second and third options: only time will tell…

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