Talking Meds

Going through the posts I noticed that I have not shown what kind of medicine they stuck our luggage with when we left.

Well; to make it short; there is Eperisone, B1, B12, CoQ10 and a Chinese medicine; forgive me, that I will never be able to describe in words…


When I first arrived at PuHua; I had no any anti-spasmodic med to take, as all trial here in Taipei; failed. Mostly Baclofen, I must admit; but it still failed. As each time I said; they did not believe it does not work so they put me on Baclofen as I arrived and… Boom! More spasms that the PTs could not handle my legs when they tried to exercise my joints…
The doc went throughout her list and found that Eperisone could work using different channels for the supposed same result: no spasms, no stiffness… We tried and it helped. I can’t say it stopped the problem but it seems to ‘modulate’ it It is like I “feel” the bad moments coming and therefore am in a better position to handle it; or move my body/legs positions that alleviate a bit the symptoms.
So I have used Eperisone for the whole remaining period there and was “somehow” happy with it. It changed here and seems to be less efficient; but again, this is a bad time (if not the worse) in the year.
I will elaborate on the truckload of Vitamins in another post: each day need some work and I have plenty of time…

(*) In the attached picture; Eperisone is the Blue Box.

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