Glory Fusion “Good Luck Pot”

It was a very nice evening, cozy but charming. The dinner made by the Belgian Chef Kevin was delicious as usual; Carrot Soup served first and a choice between Bourguignon Beef or Bouillabaise after. Dessert and coffee; all excellent. The variety of drinks at Glory Fusion is legendary in our small community; so we had plenty of choice of wines, beers, or liquors.

The real aim wasn’t to really raise money; tho we did. The gathering was more a ‘family’ reunion with close friends and those who wanted to have a drink and wishing me luck before July 3rd take-off.

Attendants List: Bénédicte Lin, Benoit Massé, Bernard  Berger, Bruce Deng, Claire Glorieux, Jean Pignon, Jeff Yang, Mikalina Jurgelevicius, Nathan, Philip Chan, Ray and an anonymous kind couple who join us during the event.

May 25th Gala “Friends of Algis” List of Attendants

List of Attendants; thanks for their Generosity, Kindness and sense of Humanity. I am Humbled by So Much Good Will and Love,


Allan Patterson, Allen Lu, Andrew Page, Anthony Van Dyck, Athena Lien, Aurélia Autret, Bénédicte Lin, Benjamin Harvey, Bernard Berger, Bruce Berkman, Bruce Teng, Carlton Harris, Cathy Chin, Chris Teunissen, Claire Glorieux, Constance Chao, Dale Holmgren, David Chard, Douglas Rapier, Duli Chang, Duncan Wagner, Eric Hong, Esther Lee, Evelyn Philbrook, Gail West, George Yen, Henry Wong, Jack Whiteford, James Chard, James Thomas, Janet Farn, Jason Su, Jeff Yang, Jennifer Feng, Jim Klar, Jim Mehren, Joël Cicéron, John Brebek, John Hardyment, Jon Hodowany, Jorie Wu, Josephine Chen, Joshua Brown, Karine Pénot, Kish Harkishin, Larry Fan, Larry Philbrook, Lisa Meyer, Marc Sancho, Marc Van Lommel, Marian Angele, Mark Howe, Matt Cleary, Mélodie Wu, Merritt Croker, Michael Boyden, Michael Lien, Mikalina Jurgelevicius, Nicholas Gould, Patricia Kortmann, Pats Chard, Peggy Pai, Peter Kurz, Philip Diller, Queenie Huang, Richard Jones, Richard Murray Nobbs, Richard West, Rik Van Droogenbroeck, Robert Campbell, Robert Lee, Robert Marshall, Robin Winkler, Sandra Hong, Sandra Hung, Sandra Ko, Smith Liu, Stefan Schulze, Stephanie Huffman, Steve Smith, Suzan Babcock, Tammy Turner, Thomas Kuiper, Todd Lawrence, Trent Clowater, Vanessa Van Dyck, Wan-Chao Chang, Will Barnard, William Brekke, Wilson Ko, Winnie Wang, Woody Meyer, Yasung Chuang


Bayshore Pacific, British Chamber, C.P. Yen Foundation, Engaging Minds, Rotary Club of Taipei, TBLF, Trenchant Tech
Peter Kurz