Writing Code for me

It is the first time I have a ‘personal’ page. I never had a portfolio with the developments I made, or examples of code I wrote. It is an interesting experience; tho I would had much preferred it happen under different circumstances.

I am working with a great team, they can edit, suggest, correct, translate and now I am standing as the customer, the designer ad even the user sometimes of this website.

We definitely learn every day of our life, and this  one is for the best.

Just a thought of Today and wanted to share. Cheers,


We are thrilled!

Hi Everyone! We are so thrilled that in just a few days we have already raised over US$2000 to support Algis getting his life back.
We have encountered some issues with the PayPal processing, and we are getting that sorted now.

If you have had any difficulty, we humbly apologize and ask for your patience. This is the first time we’ve done something like this! Thanks again for your willingness to support Algis.

We’ll keep you informed as we work with You Caring and PayPal to sort this out.

David Chard, Friends of Algis